First Episode of Tuberculosis Drama "The Unsaved" Now Available

To help fight the spread of tuberculosis and prevent the early symptoms of TB from turning fatal for millions around the world, I’ve been lucky enough to do some recent video production for the organization TB Warrior. Together we created a short-form episodic series called “The Unsaved” - a web series focused on the heroic actions of nurses who bring TB treatment to those most at risk. We hope creating this new form of edu-tainment will help with tuberculosis prevention efforts both here and abroad.

This is our first episode, with more to come. We are hoping to shoot a full season in Kenya early next year. Not that I don’t mind working locally as a Seattle videographer, but an opportunity to film in Africa? Fingers crossed!

Cranor Media | Video Production Reel 2019

My new demo reel for 2019 has been uploaded to my portfolio gallery. It showcases all my best corporate, event, commercial, music video, and creative video production work to date. There’s even some fun short and long-form narrative film content I shot in the recent past. Looking forward to more freelance videographer work in the new year!